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Ten Questions with Dani Elliott!

Hello Dani! It is a pleasure to have you on the team at JBVC! Tell us a little about yourself!

I’m a singer, songwriter, vocal coach, owner of a couple small businesses and overall a person who loves to create and learn as much as possible!

Awesome! Well let’s play a fun little game of 10 Questions! 

1. If you could sound like any 3 singers in the world, who would they be?

Oh man. It’s funny, I initially wanted to say my 3 favorite singers but I think I might leave them alone because I don’t want to change perfection. However, to sound like Mariah Carey for a day, to have whistle tones like that, just to feel what that must feel like in her body- that would be a trip. I LOVE Sade’s tone so that’d be another one I wouldn’t be mad at. But also, sounding like Donny Hathaway would not be something I would complain about either. Yes, I know I’m a woman, but honestly I don’t even care. That man’s voice is out of this world!

2. What was the first song you ever performed on stage?

Technically the 1st was an old worship song called “Here I Go.” My parents were leading worship at church, I was 2 years old and feeling left out. I waddled on up to the altar, took the mic out of my mom’s hand, and here we are today. But I think the first time I remember singing on stage was at a talent show that my after school program hosted when I was in 4th grade. I sang “Colors Of The Wind” from Pocahontas. I’ve always loved epic songs…lol. I still sing it when I go canoeing or kayaking- that’s when my husband tries to flip the boat over…

3. What would you say is your greatest accomplishment as a singer?

I think the most important thing I’ve been a part of was being able to sing at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Dedication in D.C. when I was working with Sheryl Crow. We sang with James Taylor and Stevie Wonder. The Obamas were hosting, Aretha sang the national anthem, and an insane amount of legendary African American activists were present. It felt completely surreal! I cried a lot and it was the best day of my life.

4. What is your favorite 90’s song?

Emotions. Hands Down.

5. How did you become a vocal coach?

I started teaching while I was still in college. As I got older and gained more experience I saw students improving and I started to love coaching more and more. The longer I teach, which has been over 10 years now, the more I realize how much it takes for a student to come to a teacher and share their voice with us. They’ve taken the time out of their lives to invest in their instrument, and it is a real honor to be a part of their journey.

6. What has been your most rewarding experience with a student?

I had a student who had extreme anxiety attached to his singing. It affected his speaking voice as well as his singing voice. We worked together for about a year and at the end of that time the school I was teaching at held a recital. This student’s parents were very critical, they never encouraged his gift, and they told him it was a waste of time to be taking lessons. The amount of fortitude this student had to keep showing up just blew me away. With my encouragement he decided to enroll in the recital and ended up being the hit of the night singing the fire out of a Fleetwood Mac song! I’ve never been more humbled, inspired, and proud of a young person trying to make something of themselves. This is why I love teaching.

7. If you could play any instrument perfectly, what would it be?

I always thought being able to play a stringed instrument would be wonderful, but I also have a not-so-secret desire to be a chick drummer.  

8. What is your go-to song for karaoke?

I don’t do Karaoke. It stresses me out. lol.  

9. If you could be any animal in the world, what would you be?

A service dog.

10. What’s the most interesting thing about you that most people don’t know?

That’s hard because I’m a pretty open book! I guess my love for renovation is something most people don’t initially know about me. I bought a 1975 Holiday Rambler camper, renovated it, and converted it into a shop! I used to take it to markets and sell vintage furniture, vintage clothing, and anything I thought was cool enough that someone might want in their homes.

Jacob Burton

Jacob Burton

Jacob Burton is a highly rated professional vocal coach located in Nashville, Tennessee. He offers instruction via both online and in studio, and specializes in singing with proper technique, increasing the vocal range, vocal therapy, and especially the "mix" technique.