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Ana d.
Ana D.
I reached out and Jacob and I connected shortly after. We spoke about my experience, desires and my goals and he paired me with Corinne. And I must say that LOVE my lessons with her! He was right on the nose to pair me with her. She is professional, very knowledgeable, and I feel like I am on my way to getting my voice back into shape. My experience with Jacob Burton Studios has been excellent. I highly recommend them!
Megan j.
Megan J.
Excellent and professional people! My vocal teacher Jenny is awesome; she’s super helpful and supportive. I feel comfortable during each lesson and I’ve noticed improvement in my voice just after a few weeks of working with her. I definitely recommend reaching out to Jacob and getting started with lessons! ^^
Anuj a.
Anuj A.
I was assigned with Andriana and she was incredibly insightful and delightful from the jump! I absolutely loved working with her and the experience was seamless and fun. Sadly, I'll have to discontinue lessons for personal reasons - but I'd highly recommend this studio for anyone looking to improve their voice or their lifestyle surrounding it.
Lisa s.
Lisa S.
Found a voice teacher with whom my son clicked with on first lesson.
Diya s.
Diya S.
Jacob was very responsive to my initial inquiries about singing lessons and consulting with me to pair me with the right vocal coach. He's very friendly and easy to talk to. I was paired with Dani as my vocal coach, and she is AMAZING. Very talented singer and experienced. She has a great ear, is very observative of certain vocal tendancies I do (without me realizing lol), and provides helpful/constructive feedback to improve my singing. I've been taking lessons for 2 months now, and I have already noticed a difference in the quality of my singing and improved vocal range. Thanks Dani!! (and Jacob!)
Alexander z.
Alexander Z.
Quickly responded to my questions and got me connected with a great vocal coach
Eric p.
Eric P.
Mateo has been an outstanding voice coach! His explains concepts clearly, provides helpful feedback, and is genuinely invested in helping me achieve my goals. I've improved so much working with him over the past couple of months. I highly recommend Mateo and Jacob Burton Studios!
Arun k.
Arun K.
Molly is a very kind and encouraging vocal teacher. She is very skilled technically and does a great job explaining vocal concepts. Most of all, I like how she encourages me to step outside of my comfort zone and to approach singing (and life) with more confidence. Definitely recommend!
Bradley f.
Bradley F.
I’m having great fun, and progress singing with coach Corrine! I look forward to each lesson!
Priscila g.
Priscila G.
It has been very helpful taking classes with Corinne. It has been helping me a lot building confidence and to believe in myself in a personal level. This has been very therapeutic
Obafemi moyosade zndslhaxhaw unsplash scaled - voice lessons nashville 5

Vocal Workshop

Join us for this exciting and informative event with celebrity vocal coach Mindy Pack and renowned laryngologist Dr. Reena Gupta! Mindy has worked with artists such as: Miley Cyrus, Lil Nas X, Brandi Carlile, Justin Timberlake, The Lumineers, Emily Sailers of the Indigo Girls, Halsey, Austin Mahone, Common, Royal Bliss, Tesseract, Nahko and Medicine for the People, Shaed, Chris Mann, and many others. Mindy and Dr. Gupta will be diving deep into vocal health, vocal technique, and the secrets of touring vocalists. Join us in-person or via Zoom for this exciting event! Click the photo for more information!

Featured Reviews

Grammy singer cece winans - voice lessons nashville 6
CeCe Winans
15x Grammy Award Winner & Gospel Legend

“I will be able to sing for many more years!”

“I am glad I found out about Jacob Burton! He has made a big difference in how I approach my craft. I have been singing for many years and now that I have Jacob coaching me I know I will be able to sing for many more.”

Saint john review e1643945476789 - voice lessons nashville 7
Saint JHN
2X Grammy Winner

“[Jacob] Saved the day!”

Lcolley16 147 edit - voice lessons nashville 8
LeVance Colley
Professional Singer (Associated Acts: Beyonce, John Legend, Shawn Mendes, Postmodern Jukebox, Lizzo)


“What can I say about Jacob that hasn’t already been said? I actually found out about him by listening to an interview done with CeCe Winans, who’s my favorite singer. She said that he helped her out so much and that she had been singing wrong her whole life until she met him, so I thought, let me try him out if my favorite singer is singing his praises. I must say, he helped me out tremendously and taught me some amazing vocal exercises that helped me lower my larynx. That has been my biggest problem my whole life because I have a freakishly high voice, and of course, when you sing high, your larynx rises, so the exercises he taught me really helped me feel no longer in fear of any vocal problems. I highly recommend this amazing man to anyone who wants to take control of their vocal health and learn to sing the right way and, therefore, have longevity in their singing.”

American idol contestant julia ross - voice lessons nashville 9
Julia Ross
American Idol Contestant

“Makes you feel like family”

“Working with Jacob was a complete breath of fresh air. I have been singing professionally in studio and live for about 20 years and have never worked with someone like him! His tips and direction were life changing for me and I would recommend Jacob to anyone and everyone! Also, he’s hilarious and makes you feel like family right off the bat which makes the whole process of being vulnerable with a coach more comfortable. I can’t wait to work with him again.”
Dwan hill grammy songwriter burtonvox review 2 - voice lessons nashville 10
Dwan Hill
Grammy Award Winning Songwriter


“Jacob broke through the ceiling for me. For years, I limited my singing abilities to a small vocal range and concluded that extending that range was not possible. When Jacob heard me sing, he heard my potential and offered his help. In my first two lessons, I sung notes in my mixed voice that I had never sung before, and since then have experienced more and more freedom and flexibility in my upper range. It has been the best vocal coaching of my life, and I can’t wait to learn more!” 

The voice singing contestant bradley mckee - voice lessons nashville 11
Bradley McKee
The Voice Contestant

“I am fully healed!”

“5 out of 5 stars!! I found Jacob after a good friend recommended him for vocal lessons. I had just been diagnosed with a vocal nodule at the time and was in dire need of careful vocal rehabilitation. I am a professional singer and was understandably scared and worried about the future of my career. Jacob was a constant source of encouragement and challenged me to care for my voice in ways I had not previously been doing. Even after it was decided that surgery was required for total healing, Jacob’s advice and vocal exercises remained and continue to remain a vital part of my daily routine. As of today, I am fully healed!”

Lrp gibson standard abilene - voice lessons nashville 12
Lee Roy Parnell
Country Artist and Hit Song Writer

“Jacob is an amazing Coach!”

“Jacob is an amazing coach!  I cannot recommend him enough!” 


Expanding the Vocal Range

As a coach, few moments are as satisfying as seeing the look on a seasoned singer’s face when they hit a note that they’ve spent their whole career thinking was impossible. Fortunately for us, that’s a routine occurrence around here.

Voice Therapy

The road to recovery from severe vocal damage can feel overwhelming for a singer, but it doesn’t have to be. We have a strong record of aiding professional singers and speakers by helping them heal from tired or damaged vocals.

"Mix" Technique

Singing with mix voice is one of those rare qualities that instantly distinguishes good singers from great singers. The best part is… it is 100% teachable! Developing this skill will be well worth the effort you put in!

Smoothing Over the Bridge

An important prerequisite to the mix technique, being able to sing smoothly over the bridge of your voice opens all sorts of fun and new doors! We routinely train people to transition over the bridge in a way that is unnoticeable to the untrained ear, which gives the effect of having an even broader vocal range.

Speech Correction

We don’t just work with singers but also speakers, helping to improve the clarity and articulation in their voices. This can include strengthening speech-related muscles, helping coordinate proper tongue function, and learning basic breathing techniques to support a healthy sound.

Performance Delivery

As your performance coach the number one goal is to help you feel and be confident on stage. This is something that every singer needs to give their best performance, and we are passionate about ensuring that you see results in this area.


Our service is all about you! Many vocal coaches will help you sound better in the short term, but encourage habits that have detrimental effects in the long term. I have extensive training with the top vocal coaches, speech pathologist, and myofunctional therapist in the nation, and know exactly how to help you meet your goals. I do this in a way that will make your voice stronger over time and not weaker. I have worked with Grammy winners, TV stars, and many touring artists, as has my team…


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