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We’ve been called many things: friend, therapist, life coach…. Haha! Simply put, our job is to help you reach your vocal goals. We offer exercises and suggestions for whatever the need might be, whether it’s wanting to increase range, access more power, work on breath support, get help with a specific piece for an event or audition, and the list goes on.
Yes! Vocal coaches not only teach you how to use your voice properly, but at Jacob Burton Studios we also teach you how the voice works from a scientific perspective. This in turn will make you a better, and smarter singer.

In addition to being up to date on the latest vocal science, our studio has a team of the top vocal coaches in the industry and their experience covers a wide variety of musical styles and expertise. We will work with you, listen to what you want, and help you get there! Also, we are all really fun! 🙂

Our studio works with clients in-person who live here, and also long distance via Skype and FaceTime. If you’ve never had an online voice lesson through Skype you’re in for a real treat! They are strikingly similar to in-person lessons, but with the added convenience of being able to conduct them from any preferred location. Whether you’re on the road a lot for work, don’t want to commute, prefer the comfort of your home, or are in a global pandemic, online lessons are a wonderful option!

Absolutely! We have numerous exercises geared towards thinning and thickening the vocal folds so you can be singing like Mariah Carey or Barry White in no time! Our specialty is teaching mix voice, which will fundamentally strengthen the structure, power, and presence of a singer’s voice and provide them with a much larger vocal range.

Only if you want to sound like an opera singer! We cater to what you are wanting. While we do work with classical students, most of our clients are going for a more commercial sound. We work with people in all styles and genres such as pop, country, alternative, jazz, and even metal!

Yes! We are believers in the philosophy that anyone can learn to sing better. Just like if you exercise your body you will get stronger, the same is true for your voice and your ear for music. You can grow in technique and ability to hear tones and pitches with practice and the right set of exercises!

They sure do. You might be under the impression that amazing vocalists are just born with their amazing abilities. While that can be true, most singers you love today have a vocal coach and work hard on their craft. Michael Jackson had the same vocal coach for over 30 years! Having a vocal coach is just like having a personal trainer as a professional athlete. A singer might “know how to sing,” but all vocalists can benefit from having a professional keeping them in top vocal shape for the many demands of a full time singer.

Just like with anything else, as you gain confidence in your voice and what it can do, you will gain confidence in people hearing you sing. It takes practice! There are certain techniques that also help with overcoming stage fright and our coaches are great at working through stage fright with their clients.

A pretty standard voice lesson will include time working on a series of vocal exercises tailored to the specific client. Usually, this is combined with working on a song that either the coach or client picks so you can apply the techniques to a piece of music. Sometimes the lessons are focused on a specific piece for an audition or performance. It really just depends on what the client is needing.

Yes! We offer coaching just for speakers! Whether it’s for public speaking, auctioneering, voiceover work, adding dynamic to a monotone voice, fixing a chronic mumble, or just developing better diction. We love helping speakers discover the amazing power and options that their voices possess.

You book a free consultation with our studio! Haha.  We actually did a blog post on this very question. Check it out here.

Absolutely. We work in tandem with your ENT or medical provider. We are not doctors, so we would defer to their suggestions for your vocal health, but we help in rehabilitation by offering proper techniques for healthy singing and speaking.

You just need a device of some kind for either recording the session in person or for the video chat if you are taking virtual lessons. Also, if virtual, you will need to wear headphones as that makes the video recording much cleaner for later when you reference your lesson recording.

Yes! Not many studios are staffed with coaches that are equipped to teach a proper scream technique. We are one of the few and we’re proud of it!

Our studio offers lessons for songwriting, guitar, piano, pro-tools training, performance coaching, music theory, and vocal rehabilitation.

The first time we meet with a new client is a free consultation and vocal assessment. We focus on their background, their goals, their diet, etc. Once we hear the client sing, we provide our professional feedback on what we are hearing and what we can do to help them reach (and many times exceed) their goals.

Speak to them over the phone about their experience. Explain your goals and see if they are capable of helping you meet those goals. Simply having a degree in music does not always mean that an instructor can help you be the singer that you wish to be in your desired genre. Ask questions! 🙂

From Grammy winners to beginners, we are truly fascinated by all voices and love teaching singers at any level to maximize their vocal potential. The majority of our clients fall into the pop, rock, country, and alternative genres.