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Becoming an Artist, Building a Team

Coming into your own as an artist takes time. It does not happen in an instant. I spent most of my time working for other artists as a freelance background singer, session vocalist, and vocal coach. I always had written songs and performed them, but I never really felt like an artist. When you are conforming to other people’s vision, it can become hard to see your own.

It took me years to realize I could not do it all by myself. Once I started to relinquish control of each aspect of the process and trust others to help, my journey as an artist became much clearer.

There is a lot that goes into creating a brand as an artist. First and foremost, there is the music. You can write independently, or you can find co-writers that you jell with to create songs collectively. After honing your writing skills, you carefully select written songs from your catalog and find a producer that can carry out your vision. I think the most important factors to consider in choosing a producer are, of course, listening to their previous work but also sending them your songs and hearing their ideas. You may want to shop around for a few producers and decide who you think you will work with the best.

After your project is on its way, you can start thinking about visuals and concepts. The part that I am the least equipped and interested in is the visuals. I am so much more into the music than into the visual side, so I prefer working with a creative director who can help create something cohesive! Visuals can help your project succeed a lot more than people realize! Visuals include photos, single covers, music videos, hair, and makeup styles, etc. This stuff translates not only to photo shoots and videos but live event shows as well.

Choosing the right team of people to work with is so important as an artist. Nobody can do everything by themselves. All the famous artists have large teams of people getting them ready, producing music, directing videos, etc. It can seem daunting and expensive at first, but if you start small and start local. There are bustling creative communities in every city full of young professionals looking for people like you to build their careers. And most of them are willing to work with a budget! Start small, be patient, and do not wait for something to happen overnight!